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A kit for making your very own watercolor effect art board stylized after stained glass. The art board will come prepared with foil and ready for use.  A spray bottle will be used in the prosses and requires some core hand strength or adult help to sqeeze the nozle.


Access to video instructions will be provided following shipment of the order.


**Educators/Teachers at public and private schools, please contact us prior to placing your orders for specific class size orders.

Stained Glass (Novice) -Gold Foil

Foil Color
  • Difficulty Level: Novice

    (Project Difficulty Levels are Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced)


    The kit for Stained Glass includes:

    1x Access to our online video tutorial for 60 days from the date of delivery

    1x Prepared 8"x 10" art board with Foil

    1x Faux Stained Glass Confetti Bag

    1x Spray Bottle


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