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A kit for making your very own modern art focused on a central design of a Chinese zodiac symbol. The canvas will come pre-masked, ready for painting.  The paint will be applyied to the canvause using a ballon, thus creating a firework effect.


Access to video instructions will be provided following shipment of the order.


**Educators/Teachers at public and private schools, please contact us prior to placing your orders for specific class size orders.

Chinese Zodiac Tiger (Novice)

  • Difficulty Level: Novice

    (Project Difficulty Levels are Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced)


    The kit for Chinese Zodiac Tigger includes:

    1x Access to our online video tutorial for 60 days from the date of delivery

    1x Prepared art oard 8"x10"

    3x Paint: Red, White, Gold

    3x Ballons (packs of 12+ will include additional ballons)

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